School Profile

Grey Street Primary School has a long history in Traralgon

Grey Street Primary School, was originally located on the corner of Argyle and Franklin Street from 1870-1872 before being relocated to Campbell Street in 1872 and remaining there until 1912.

Our current location on Grey Street was built in 1912, making Grey Street Primary School the oldest Primary School in Traralgon.

Grey Street Primary School has produced many citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the life of Traralgon, the rest of Australia, and even internationally. 

Professional Learning Community – PLC

At Grey Street Primary School, we are a Professional Learning Community. Teachers work collaboratively, across year levels, to support all students at their point of need. Teachers meet weekly to ensure your child is progressing, and to ensure that your child makes growth in their learning. This means, whilst your child may have their classroom teacher, they also have the skills, knowledge and expertise of all teachers in their year level, working together, to improve the learning outcomes of your child.

We pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment that caters for every student. We provide the most relevant, up to date teaching practices, preparing our students for all their future endeavours. We strive to equip our students with the skills and strategies that enable them to be successful learners who can think and work independently.

We are very proud of our Specialist Programs, which include:

Communicating with Parents

We pride ourselves on our open communication with our Parents & Carers.

We believe that in nurturing whole family positive relationships, it leads to the best outcomes for your children.

Our primary communications platform is Compass, for further information

Our Philosophy & Values

Our Mission

Our School Motto ‘Working Together’ – a professional learning community preparing students for the 21st century’

Our Vision

Our purpose is to empower resilient learners to think critically, actively problem solve, be respectful and positively contribute to their world’

Our values are built on Respect- respect for self, others, learning and the planet

‘Respect for self- We are resilient’

‘Respect for others- We care’

‘Respect for learning- We are life-long learners’

‘Respect for the Planet- We are concerned citizens’