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Student Support

Tripodi, Michelle
Simpkins, Andrew
, Moby

Our Welfare Team

Along with Moby our Therapy Dog, we have Michelle, our  Primary Welfare Officer & Andrew our Disability & Inclusion Specialist. We are very lucky to have this team onsite full-time.

They do an amazing job keeping our kids confident and safe.

Part of our welfare program is running a daily Breakfast Club from the our School Hall Foyer.

All students are welcome to attend Breakfast Club which opens at 8.30am every school morning

EAL - English as an Additional Language

We have a dedicated teacher and Support Staff member to support new students and families whose first language is not English.

Mrs Harriman and Mrs Madeley are passionate about celebrating our students and families heritage.


Moby is our school Therapy Dog, and by far the most popular member of staff.

Moby is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, and he works with our Welfare Team.

Moby offers comfort and reassurance to anxious children – as well as many adults!