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Our Facilities


Our impressive Gymnasium offers excellent facilities to accommodate our extensive Physical Education Program, as well as being large enough to host our whole school assemblies and other school functions.

Our Gymnasium also houses a Before & After School Care Program, as well as being available for hire to the community.

Kitchen Gardens Kitchen & Edible Outdoor Garden

Our large Commercial Standard Kitchen was specifically designed to house an entire class at one time. The students are involved in cooking with fresh produce, most of which they’ve grown and harvested in our Edible Garden.

Through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens Program, the students learn by participating in all facets of growing, harvesting and preparing fresh food.

We feel that this program teaches our students valuable life-skills that they will carry away with them long after their journey with us has ended.

Learning Technologies Centre

Our state-of-the-art Learning Technologies Centre offers access of not only books to our students, but also e-books and Robotics. This is also where we house our brand new 3D Printer.

We often host visiting authors and other speakers for the students in this space.

As a PLC Lead School, we also use this space to host staff from schools across Gippsland for their Professional Development Days.

Visual Art Room

Our Art Room is a space where our students can express their creativity in all facets of Visual Art.

The children are taught many techniques, from drawing and painting to sculpture. You will see many of the children’s pieces on display around our school.

Performing Arts Space

Performing Arts is a new and exciting space now at Grey Street.

The children get to explore their creativity in many different genres, from Instrumental Music, Dance, Acting, and Improvisation.

Performing Arts is strong on inclusion, and this is a space where every child can find their place and get to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.